A healthy choice

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The universal medical system we have in place is meant to give everyone access to medical help without any bias. What bothers me is the health care that is granted to individuals who make choices and know very well those choices will harm them in the long run. And that those choices will eventually cause a great amount of strain on the healthcare system. There are people that require medical help because of an illness or disease they are born with and the treatments and research is so expensive that we cannot find cures for them because there is not enough funding due to, what I call, unnecessary strains on the system. Individuals that choose to live unhealthy lifestyles, that don’t eat or exercise properly or who smoke cigarettes and drink excessively put an incredible amount of strain on the system. Congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, obesity, diabetes, etc are for the most part diseases of choice. Just like someone who shoots heroin or smokes crack, people that engage in unhealthy lifestyles know very well the health implications, there is an incredible amount of empirical data out there now. So when someone is having their leg amputated because their fat bodies don’t produce enough insulin to absorb the sugar they keep pumping into their fat mouths on a daily basis, I have no sympathy. They made the choice.


another useless poll

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Cup bound?

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Ethical poll time ya’ll

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Strange Light over Dome of the Rock & Temple Mount

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Was it aliens?Was it ‘God’? Its shit like this that created the idea of God in the first fucking place. We cant explain something so we jump to irrational conclusions. Even if it was aliens then we can hypothesize that they might be further along in their evolution, and have mastered the laws of physics (thats if they are governed by the same laws as we are). And if it was God then please Mr.God take away all your supporters because this world would be a much better place. People who say God has spoken to them I really question their sanity. Individuals that suffer from mental illness like schizophrenia have auditory hallucinations, voices in their head sometimes commanding them to do very dangerous acts (usually resulting in self harm and suicide). People who have spoken to God vice-versa (god speaking to them) are, from my point of view, delusional, suffering from some form of auditory or even visual hallucination and should be given an MSE for the possible diagnosis of a mental disorder and are in need of psychiatric help.

Meet your Meat

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yes it was rather inhumane how the huskies in whistler were killed, they could have been ‘quietly’ euthanized at a vet or distributed for adoption etc..Im just wondering if all these people that were upset about it have even thought about how we treat animals in our society in general? We have been socially and culturally conditioned to view some as pets and others as food. How humane is it when we slaughter pigs, cows, chickens all for food and massive profit? Pigs can rival the intelligence of a dog. Have these people ever seen how animals are transported to the slaughter houses, how they are put in confined spaces waiting for their imminent death now how humane is that? Sometimes we let our emotions blind us from rationalizing and thinking critically about situations. Im sure if we all had pet pigs around the house, gave them human names and dressed them in human clothes we might think differently about consuming that product. There is no need to eat meat in our western society, we have the resources and knowledge to seek alternative food sources and still maintain a proper level of nutrition…we are just lazy..i know i am..i love steak, i love bacon…mmmmmm…but seriously, we need to think before we get our panties all tied in a knot.


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